Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I start smoking after I buy insurance?

Nothing. If you were truthful on your original application you will not be punished for starting to smoke after the policy is in force.

What if I quit smoking?

If you quit smoking for a period of at least 12 months after you purchase insurance you may apply to have your policy converted to a non-smoker rate provided you pass a urine sample collected by an independent paramedical services company.

How much insurance do I need?

The answer to this question varies greatly from case to case and should be recommended based on a number of things including your income, financial goals and outstanding debts. A needs analysis should be completed to help you ensure that the proper recommendation has been made. A good rule of thumb is between 5-10 times your earnings for Life insurance and usually 1-2 years earnings for Critical Illness Insurance.

Can I get insurance in case I get Cancer or Suffer a Heart Attack or Stroke?

The insurance you are referring to is called Critical Illness insurance. It pays out a lump sum of money 30 days after your diagnosis for up to 23 covered conditions, provided that you are still living.

I can find the answer to my question here. What should I do?

Should you have a question that is not answered or the answer is too brief feel free to fill out a the contact form and we will be in touch with you ASAP. It is important for us to provide you with enough information to make an educated decision . We will make every attempt to provide you with the information you require so that you feel secure in your choice.

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